Root Canals Pickering

Professional root canal services in Pickering that will get you smiling again.

Our dental clients in Pickering understand that regular visits to our office are important to an effective overall dental hygiene plan. No matter how thorough you are at home, only a dentist can find some of the issues that can become bigger problems if left unchecked.

It’s after one of these visits that the need for professional Pickering root canals might crop up. The process is all about removing dead, injured or infected pulp from your teeth. This soft dental pulp is just under the hard layer of each tooth and it’s where the nerves and blood vessels that help your teeth develop and grow are located.

Professional Pickering root canals are necessary when the tooth becomes abscessed through infection. You dentist will open the canal where the pulp is located, clean the area to get rid of the infection and then seal everything back up.

It’s our business to make sure your smile gets the benefit of all the best dental procedures here at Ivory Dental clinic. That includes root canals where necessary so that you can enjoy healthy teeth and a great smile that lasts a lifetime. Why not get in touch with us today for root canal treatment in Pickering. Remember we’re on top of all the latest innovations and we’ve even got the ability to electronically file your claims.