Emergency Dentist Services Pickering

Dental Emergencies Crop Up. We’ve Got You Covered.

We offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere here at Ivory Dental, and we want our Pickering and Danforth Toronto clients to know what to do when dental emergencies crop up before they come to see us.

Here’s a few pointers you might want to keep somewhere handy like on the refrigerator.

Got a chipped or broken tooth? There’s no need to panic or think your beautiful smile is lost forever. For a Pickering emergency dentist services, call us right away and we’ll decide what needs to be done like a white filling if it’s just a small problem or a root canal if there’s a bigger issue. Remember the tooth can usually be saved.

You need to call us for a toothache as well, but there’s a few things you can do right away. After explaining the symptoms to us, buy an over the counter pain medicine or hold a cold compress against your face. A lost filling is another type of emergency you can face. You should come and see us here at Ivory Dental clinic in Pickering as quickly as possible, but a small piece of chewing gum can cover the hole where you lost the filling until we can fix it properly.

Finally, if you get a tooth knocked out completely or in need of any kind of emergency dentist services in Pickering, you’ll need to try to get in to see us right away.