Dental Implants Pickering

Our dental implant services in Pickering will keep you smiling.

If you’re looking for a great alternative to bridges, partials or even complete dentures after you’ve lost one or more of your teeth, our Pickering Dental Implants look just like the real thing.

Our Pickering and Danforth Toronto dental implant clients that have tried them marvel at how realistic these titanium metal roots look when they’re capped off with an artificial tooth on top. These might be just the thing if you’re in general good health with good gums and enough jaw to hold them in place.

We’re very thorough here at Ivory Dental clinic and we’ll start the whole procedure off with a detailed examination of your mouth that will include x-rays of your head, teeth and jaw. Following that, there are generally three stages to getting one of our Pickering Dental Implants.

In the first phase, a dental implant in Pickering will be placed into the jawbone below the gum tissue. Next an abutment is attached and then the artificial tooth comes last. When you need one or more teeth replaced, a fixed bridge is often the best route to take since it can be anchored to the implants.

Remember here at Ivory Dental clinic, we’re dedicated to making sure you have the most beautiful smile for as long as possible. We’ve worked hard to remove the fear, stigma and intimidation that used to keep people from going to the dentist and taking advantage of all the latest innovations.

Our experienced staff will help you and would provide best possible dental implant treatment in Pickering. Contact us today.