Signs That You Need to Have Your Problematic Tooth Pulled


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Checking your teeth regularly for problems is crucial in preventative dental care. If something goes wrong, your dentist can spot the warning signs and treat the issue before it worsens.

From the moment the first tooth emerges in childhood, the teeth are in a constant state of movement and development that is directly related to how well you take care of them. Some of your teeth may become permanently damaged or infected if decay has already set in your mouth. Know the warning signs of a tooth that needs to be extracted so you can prepare for the procedure if necessary.

The thing is, the typical patient has a decent grasp of proper dental hygiene. They use fluoride toothpaste twice daily and floss once a day. Most people also go to the dentist twice a year for checkups and preventative care to avoid problems with their teeth and gums. If you have any impacted, overcrowded, cracked, broken, or infected teeth, your dentist may propose having them extracted during these visits.

Of course, you may also have to look out for the following signs.

1. Impaction

Teeth that have become impacted, or have grown or moved into an undesirable position, cannot function normally. Dentists use the term “overcrowded” to describe situations in which a person’s teeth are too enormous for their mouth. Your dentist may recommend removing some of your teeth if they are crowding the space needed for the emergence of other teeth. In order to provide room for the necessary teeth to shift into place, dentists sometimes execute a few extractions before putting braces on a patient’s teeth.

2. Damage

There are a number of techniques to cure a decaying tooth, but if the decay has progressed too far, the tooth may be beyond repair. Teeth that have been severely fractured or cracked are classified as “damaged teeth,” and the dentist will choose to extract them.

3. Infection

A tooth’s pulp might be infected if decay is allowed to progress unchecked. If the pulp becomes infected, the illness can spread from one tooth to another, so it is vital to take care of any dental issues as soon as possible. Most of the time, your dentist will advise you to get a root canal to treat the infection, but sometimes the damage is too severe, and the procedure won’t work. Dentists may recommend pulling the tooth because of this.

If there is any chance of infection, tooth extraction may also be an option for some patients. A person receiving chemotherapy, for instance, may have a compromised immune system and hence be less able to effectively combat a dental infection if they have a damaged or cracked tooth. For patients like these, dentists are extra cautious and may suggest extraction as the best course of action to ensure the patient’s continued oral health.

Expectations Before a Tooth Extraction

Before your dentist can perform an extraction, they will need to take X-rays to check for any underlying issues. Your dentist may need to make incisions in your gums to reveal the impacted tooth, or the tooth itself may need to be broken up into smaller pieces before it can be extracted. Following that, they will use forceps to carefully pry the tooth apart from the gum. After the extraction is complete, they will either pack the wound with gauze or sew it closed. Appointments for follow-up care after gum surgery are necessary to ensure their continued recovery and health.


Overall, if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned signs, it is best to consult your dentist to see if you need to have your tooth pulled. However, keep in mind that not all cases will require extraction and that your dentist will be able to give you the best advice based on your individual situation.

There are also a few different ways to have a tooth pulled, so be sure to discuss the options with your dentist.

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