Dental Crowns Pickering

Our Pickering dental crowns protect damaged or broken teeth.

Try as you might to keep them in pristine shape, there’s always the chance you can damage a tooth to the point where it’s best to take advantage of what Ivory Dental clinic can do for you in the way of Pickering dental crowns.

A Pickering dental crown is an artificial top that fits over a damaged tooth so you can preserve what’s left. It protects the part that’s left over from getting damaged further and here at Ivory Dental clinic, we want you to know a little about what you can expect when you choose this option.

Our Pickering and Danforth Toronto clients both get the advantage of our dedication to 100% client satisfaction regardless of whether you’re looking at metal crowns that are made of gold or even a composite variety. Although gold doesn’t generally wear down or chip like some of the other materials like porcelain, these metal crowns do attract more attention.

The procedure for getting these Pickering dental crowns involves the expert use of anesthetic since the damaged tooth that needs to be covered will be filed down so the replacement will fit.

We want to make your visit with us as pleasant as possible. To that end, we’ve got all the latest technology like digital x-ray software and the ability to speed up claims by filing your documents electronically.

Why not get in touch with us today? When it comes to the dental crowns Pickering, we pride ourselves on reliable staff and trusted expertise.