Pickering Preventive Dental Care

Pickering Preventative Dental Care Is A Big Part Of Our Dental Services

Here at Ivory Dental, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients spanning all of the areas they need to be aware of when it comes to their complete dental care. Of course that includes Pickering preventative care. We are here to offer tips and advice because good habits start early, but its never too late to get into a good oral preventative care regime either. The best case scenario is an at home oral health regime combined with regular visits to our office.

Coming in to see us every six months is a great foundation since there are some things only a dentist can see. We all offer the treatments, examinations and advice that will keep your smile looking great for a lifetime regardless of whether you live in Ajax or Pickering. Remember that plaque starts to build up right after your last visit and eventually hardens into tartar or calculus that can only be removed by qualified people in a dental office.

There are several advantages to these Pickering white fillings that include the fact they cost less than more traditional gold fillings. They can also be fitted in the same colour as your existing teeth.

Remember that our team includes highly trained, courteous and friendly dental assistants and a dentist thats a member of the Canadian Dental Association. They are all here to help you with the Pickering preventative care that will put you and your family at ease. Our goal is to provide you with a relaxing dental experience and build a lifelong relationship.

A better looking smile for you and your family, get in touch today!