Veneers Pickering - Porcelain Veneers Pickering

Pickering Veneers Can Close Spaces Between Teeth

Although not everyone is a good candidate for Pickering veneers, these are a great option to do a variety of different things like fixing broken teeth and even improving the appearance of healthy ones where a space needs to be closed.

Our commitment to making sure our Ajax and Pickering clients get the best oral health care possible applies to this treatment as well. We’re here at Ivory Dental to walk you through the entire process to see if there’s a fit. These veneers are basically, like the same suggests, thin shells that attach to the front of your teeth. The porcelain variety doesn't get discoloured or stain and they generally take two visits to apply.

Remember these veneers need to be treated just like regular teeth and brushed and flossed on a regular basis. Because some of the enamel on your teeth has been removed so these will fasten properly, it’s not possible to reverse the treatments once you’ve got Pickering veneers.

Once these are done, finished veneers look both natural and smooth but you’ll need to keep in mind they may or may not be covered by your dental plan. Why not get in touch with us today at Ivory Dental and we’ll work your options together?

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