Pickering Invisalign - Teeth Straightening

Pickering Invisalign: A Modern Approach To Straight Teeth

As part of our desire to establish long term mutually beneficial relationships with our Ajax and Pickering dental clients, we like to look for the most modern and innovative technologies. Sometimes the ones we pick are the solutions to age-old dental problems like crooked teeth.

We feel our Pickering invisalign procedure and product is the right choice at least partially because the aligners that are created are made specifically for you. They’re virtually invisible and so smooth and comfortable the advantage over more conventional braces is clear. While both conventional braces and Invisalign straighten teeth and cost around the same, our product allows you to eat whatever you want while you’re wearing them.

Here at Ivory Dental, we’re committed to providing excellent dental services in a great environment. Of course we only want to offer premier products to our valued clients as well and that’s why we’re proud to offer Pickering Invisalign as the modern alternative to braces.

It’s important that you have straight and healthy teeth and that’s another reason we offer this product. Invisalign can be removed when you want to floss and brush and keep up your normal periodontal routines. Need to have your teeth aligned? Why not contact us today and we’ll help you find out if this is the solution for you.

A better looking smile for you and your family, get in touch today!