Pickering Gum Disease Prevention

Our Pickering Gum Disease Treatments Will Guide You Back To Health

One of the more insidious things about gum disease is that it’s hard to see at first. It can start at just about any age and it often develops slowly and isn’t painful at all. The good news is Pickering gum disease can be treated and often reversed if it’s caught early enough.

This common problem begins with plaque and affects the attachment between teeth and gums. Left untreated, the plaque that builds up on your teeth becomes hardened tartar or calculus. Gingivitis can be the result and eventually tiny pockets of infection form that can cost you your smile.

Staying on top of plaque buildup is an essential part of avoiding gum disease. Remember that getting rid of plaque and tartar is a great way to give your gums a chance to heal and a professional cleaning will restore a healthy and beautiful smile.

If you find you’ve got bad breath that won’t go away, gums that bleed when you clean your teeth, or even sore or puffy gums, you have the symptoms of Pickering gum disease. We’ve got the right tools here at Ivory Dental to measure the gum’s attachment to your teeth and xray technology to show the surrounding bone. Why not join the expanding list of our Ajax and Pickering patients who trust us to reverse this problem before it gets away on you?

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